Have you ever wanted to assemble a computer with Raspberry Pi? Have you ever thought of learning to code without a need to look for tutorials everywhere or purchasing a lot of components? CrowPi 2 is a product that brings all of it.

About the Product

CrowPi is the successor of CrowPi which was shown huge love. It is an all in one device based on Raspberry Pi that is suitable for STEM education portable laptop. It combines RPi with a range of different educational computer components. Makers of CrowPi states that throughout the development process their goal was to create something that people can use to learn, to explore and to have fun.

Source :- CrowPi KickStarter Page

CrowPi2 can help you in learning several different aspects of technologies. It comes pre-installed with software for learning python, scratch, minecraft, AI step by step, in addition with multiple open source games that you can enjoy on multiple levels – using them either for about computers or just to sit back and relax.

Source :- CrowPi KickStarter Page

What else can you do with CrowPi2?

  • Set it up as a laptop
  • Use it for STEM education
  • Create electronic projects using the 22 included sensors.
  • Create your own DIY circuits on the included breadboard
  • Play games
  • Craft buildings on Minecraft
  • Build a rainbow interactive bridge with Minecraft and RGB matrix
  • Programming for Arduino, Micro:bit, and BeagleBone
  • Make a piano using different fruits
  • Learning face recognition and speech recognition
  • Much, much, much more, whatever you can imagine, whatever you can dream.

If you want to know more about CrowPi2. You can visit their KickStarter page from HERE!

Also, here is the promo video.

Opinions of Author

According to me, it is one of the best STEM education products. As it not only lets you learn several things but also keeps you in track with your entertainment needs. For more such amazing latest tech gadgets, subscribe to techiesms notifs.

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