Technology is indeed a crucial part of our lives. But, truly not everyone has accessibility or knowledge to create something new in the technological field. CircuitMess’ STEM Box stands to fulfill all those gaps. Makers of STEM Box says, “If you want to play with technology like Elon Musk then STEM Box is for you” And, the amazing fact, “STEM Box got completely funded in just 4 hours in KickStarter and now it is funded more than 1000%

About the Product

CircuitMess STEM Box has created a series of fun electronic kits that will help children and adults understand the basics of new technologies everybody’s talking about. It is like a subscription, if you subscribe to STEM Box you’ll be receiving different little fun projects every 3 month to play and learn with.

Image Source :- STEM Box’s KickStarter Page

You receive every product in the form of an unassembled kit that helps you learn each and everything of that particular project. In every kit you receive, components to assemble, a help book, and online guides to help you with the learning and programming.

STEM Box guarantees to teach you the following Activities :-

Image Source :- STEM Box’s KickStarter Page

As every kit comes in a DIY form and also provides guided tour over the assembling, making and programming. It becomes one of the best learning mechanism for several technologies. The versatility that it provides is also insane. You are not stuck with a single monotonous project over too long. Some of the cool projects in STEM Box are :-

  • Spencer – Build and code your own Voice Assistant
  • Jay-D – Build and code your own DJ Mixtable
  • Wheelson – Build and code your own AI Self Driving Car
  • ByteBoi – Build and code your own Retro Game Console
  • Chatter – Build an Encrypted Wireless Communicator
  • ClockStar – Build and code your own ML SmartWatch
  • Other equally cool projects…
Image Source :- STEM Box’s KickStarter Page

If you want to know more about CircuitMess STEM Box, then you can check their KickStarter page from HERE! Also I am linking the video of it below.

Opinions of Author

I am just amazed with STEM Box. Like truly the flexibilities it provides are insanely amazing. Also, STEM Box got completely funded in just 4 hours on KickStarter, that makes it more trusted and amazing product.

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