Picture credit :- ChatterBox KickStarter page

We are in the era where we have several types of personal assistant, not only in the form of alive bodies but also in the form of smart speakers. Whether it is Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, they all provide us their assistance in several ways but when it comes for kid-friendliness, privacy, learning and teaching, then there’s definitely a better option, that we are going to discuss about today.

About the Product

Chatterbox is the world’s first educational build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker kit for kids that puts privacy first. This is how the company defines CHATTERBOX.  It is a smart speaker but it is made for kids so that kids can also have one personal assistant and at the same time they can learn various skills as well as can gain knowledge about AI. We all know that Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI is in a very progressing stage and this is for sure that our future will be full of AI based gadgets and bots

Hence, it’s not a bad idea to give little children a basic idea of AI and that is where this device comes into play. The company tells that building chatterbox is as easy as folding a paper airplane and with the help of all given graphical representations even a 7 year old kid can assemble chatterbox with very ease. The Chatterbox case is made of recyclable chipboard (really strong cardboard) and powered by Raspberry Pi. Its ears and voice are powered by company’s very own ChatterVoice HAT and microphone. The company says a wonderful line about this speaker i.e. Fold it, build it, customize it!

Picture credit :- ChatterBox KickStarter page

Kids can teach ChatterBox various skills like, listening to commands, replying to commands, performing actions according to command etc. The company says that chatterbox is designed for learning and engineered for fun. They offer a scratch based block-programming software through which kids can easily program chatterbox with different types of actions.

Picture credit :- ChatterBox KickStarter page
Picture credit :- ChatterBox KickStarter page

You can check the whole details, specs and offerings of this awesome product that is ChatterBox in companies crowd-funding page on kickstarter Here!

Here is the intro video from the makers of ChatterBox



This is really an awesome products for kids considering the fact that it is offering block based programming software which can really teach kids the idea of developing various algorithms which will really be helpful later in their future and according to the company this thing can also perform tasks like calling any contact, messaging etc. With all these massively amazing features included it seriously is a product worth getting for a kid as well as a teenager.


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