About this product :

The toothbrush that combines sonic vibration and clinically validated light therapy to heal gums, kill bacteria, and whiten teeth.  Most toothbrushes (yes.. even the fancy ones) are primitive and ineffective. We just move plaque and bacteria around hoping to spit it out after. If you look at innovation of other industries, there’s drastic progress; for example in facial care, light therapy is commonly used to promote healing and kill bacteria. It is time to break lose from conventional toothbrushing and enter a new era of at-home oral care!

Bristl is simplistic on the outside, but packed with tech on the inside:

Light therapy was discovered by a scientist by the name Niels Finsen almost a hundred years ago for which he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Light therapy is nothing new to healthcare – similar red and blue lights are often used in facial care to kill bacteria and heal/tighten skin. Bristl is bringing effective light therapy to the normal toothbrushing routine.


Opinions of techiesms :

A new toothbrush in a modern tech world. I think this maybe useful as the developers has portrayed it. Less use of water and toothpaste, but i wonder about its side effects and the efficiency of it. Ignoring all that, this is definitely a cool piece of tech.

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