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Aeolus Robotics, a San Francisco-based company, has just unveiled at the CES 2018 a working prototype of a household robot assistant. Called ‘Aeolus Robot’, the robot helper knows how to use a vacuum cleaner and it uses AI and machine learning to recognize thousands of objects as well as the owners’ preferences such as their favorite drink. Regarding its price, Aeolus Robotics has only mentioned that it is going to cost “less than a family vacation overseas”.

Aeolus is supposed to be a general household helper. It can supposedly recognize “thousands of items,” and wander around your home putting them back where they belong. If you lose your glasses, Aeolus could help you find them. It also has a modular attachment on its left side that can grip a vacuum cleaner or a broom for cleaning jobs. There’s even a chair-moving function.

Wake up in the morning with your coffee ready. Get dinner started on the way home. Go to bed knowing the house will be clean when you wake up again. Our robots are here to make your life easier so you can spend more time on what really matters.

Extendable and interchangeable arms allow the robots to vacuum, mop, put away dishes, move furniture and much more. “Eva, put the dishes away.” The robots can recognize and accept voice commands, as well as text commands. Our robots can integrate with most home technology systems including Alexa, Google Home and more. Plus, use the app to monitor and see everything the robot saw. Cutting-edge AI technology means these robots can clean your home by themselves. They’ll be constantly learning to recognize people and, take on new tasks and can remember where more than 1,000 household items last where and should be.

Advanced AI also allows the robots to accurately predict human behaviors like sleepiness while driving to help protect against unsafe behaviors, and can recognize changes in posture, enabling it to recognize an elderly fall at home. Plus, use the app to monitor and see everything the robot does.

Arm featuring 7-DOF + 1-DOF interchangeable gripper hand including tools, 2-DOF torso, 2-DOF head equipped with 3D camera and 5MP 2D camera, 2-DOF base for horizontal and vertical movement, high-performance AI embedded CPU/CGU, 802.11 ac WiFi + Bluetooth, 2.5 kg payload, Aeolus ROS operating system.

Opinions of techiesms :

A marvelous robot that does all you work, maybe act as a personal nanny for you. It costs quite a fortune but i cannot definitely say if it is worth this fortune because it’s still a prototype that is under development, then too the tasks it performs even at this level is very impressive. I loved it and definitely want it to roll out as a polished product in the market.

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