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Today, the SF startup is seemingly expanding its ambitions in the AR/VR space with the announcement of a new augmented reality headset which it likely won’t productize. Project North Star is just a prototype reference design, but the company is open-sourcing its schematics and, despite the fact that it makes the wearer look like a giant bug, it seems fairly interesting.

The startup says that the low-cost headset can be built for under $100 at scale. The savings here versus other AR headset systems relies on the simplicity of the optical system which promises a high quality experience in a form factor that’s hardly low-key but is on-par with the bulk we’re used to seeing in most of today’s ugly VR headsets. The dual 1600×1440 LCD displays run at 120 hertz and bring a combined 100 degree field-of-view image into the user’s periphery. The headset also integrates the necessary hand-tracking sensors of course.

The scenario basically seems like Leap Motion  needed a wide field-of-view headset that integrated the necessary sensors to demo their hand-tracking tech and realized that there wasn’t anything out their that fit the bill entirely, so they built their own.

“We hope that these designs will inspire a new generation of experimental AR systems that will shift the conversation from what an AR system should look like, to what an AR experience should feel like,” Leap Motion CTO David Holz wrote in a blog post.

The company has released a host of very intriguing videos over the past several weeks that highlight the company’s work on adapting its hand-tracking tech for augmented reality. What they’ve shown off is deeply convincing.

Opinions of techiesms :

Well, this AR headset looks bulky and would be very inconvenient to wear which i think is a very important factor to watch for as compared to other VR/AR headsets which are quite common now in current market, as far as its applications are concerned, i think this prototype would provide everyone a new real life experience especially gaming geeks. Except this odd design, everything seems to be pretty cool.

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