Actually, The number of project ideas that were gathering in my head were really a lot. It can be used not only for hobby grade projects like line following or object tracking bot but can also be used for several industry grade automations like attendance system , access granter etc. It may easily be used to make robotic vehicles that follow a person, that person may be a army staff too. It may also be equipped to a drone for making the drone autonomous and track people or object.

Some interesting project ideas that came into my mind were :-

1. Home security including some modern automation :-

Aim of the Project :-

It may be used as a security system for houses with link to google assistant. Like, if we say. Ok Google! Who is at the door then it will show the live footage of the door in an display. It may also be automated by storing some face IDs to huskylens itself so that it automatically open the door for some known faces. On top of that, the same setup can also be taken use as a burglar alarm. If anyone tries opening the door without proper key and is not identified by the camera then it may trigger some loud noises.

Material used :-

HuskyLens as the main camera unit and storing face IDs, any ESP module as a microcontroller and for giving WiFi access so that we may connect it to google assistant later on, solenoid lock for making the door unlock itself automatically, buzzers and LEDs for burglar alarm, a display for showing the live footage or google nest HUB may also be used.

Project Description :-

Ok, So i tried creating a flowchart with photoshop. But it wasn’t going well so I dropped the idea and decided to write it only. Moving on, what will happen is, HuskyLens will be fitted in front of the door so if it identifies a known person then it will open the door b itself but i it identifies a unknown face then iot will make a sound and we may instruct google assistant to show s who is in the door and may grant hi,m acces if he is known. If, anyone tries to open the door by force then it will trigger a alarm.

2. A Pet Cat.

Aim of The Project :-

As the hukylens after getting mounted in its case looks like a cat face. We may use it to make our own pet cat. By, making a 3d printed enclosure with osme servos in it. The cat may make some cute purr sounds when it identifies a known face and do some basic tasks like following a drawn line or playing some games based on color detection and object detection. It may also be equipped with some RGB LEDs which will change their colour according to the face identified (known or unknown) which will help showing the mood of the pet.

Material Used :-

  • HuskyLens as the face, eyes and memory unit.
  • STM32 based uC or arduino board as brain.
  • Servo motors as legs.
  • Speaker or piezo disk with different cat sounds as mouth.
  • 3D printed enclosure as body.
  • RGB LEDs for displaying mood.
  • LiPo batteries as the mitochondria.
  • Some other passive components as all other different parts

Project Description :-

According to me most of the functionality of this project is clear with the AIM section itself. I think it will be a innovative and fun to work and play project. If it is mandatory or seems like I’ll have to give a description despite of the aim section then i may further edit this article :).

Thank-you so much for organizing this giveaway, I am very grateful to you for giving me knowledge, support and all the help that you do. Hoping to get a hands on to HuskyLens. IWll be doing some awesome stuffs with it.

Don’t know about HuskyLens? Have a look.

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