Aim: A custom drone which can follow Human or can track any moving object. And avoid small branches of tree, which can’t be detected using ultrasonic sensor.
Materials Used: NodeMCU, Husky Lens, DIY any kind of Drone

Project Description: Interfacing a Husky Lens with NodeMCU and attaching the NodeMCU to the Flight Controller, we can add any kind of motion tracking features to our drone. We will connect mobile with NodeMCU and can set the subject, which need to be followed. By keeping the subject in the center of the frame , the Husky Lens will instruct the NodeMCU and the NodeMCU will instruct the Flight Controller to move the drone accordingly. Ultrasonic sensor can give ability to a drone to be safe from any kind of large obstacles, but it can’t always able to detect fine branches of trees properly, so in that case we can use Husky Lens as a vision sensor. Husky Lens will aware NodeMCU about any kind of present obstacles and NodeMCU will give instruction to flight controller accordingly.

Why Only NodeMCU? We can use any micro controller as the brain of our project, but as we have to select a particular subject, which need to be followed, NodeMCU is a cheap device, which can give us the flexibility to see the content on our mobile using wifi which the Husky Lens capturing.

Don’t know about Husky Lens? Have a look…

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