The aim of this “FACE LOCK AND GESTURE CONTROL FOR PC” is to setup a system to unlock PC with face of the user and then to control mouse and other functions using hand gestures. This increases the comfort of user and gives the whole system a futuristic impression






  • Firstly you must know about husky lens. so refer this video https://youtu.be/Y2Qx8A8rk9k
  • The working of this system is quite simple. Husky lens already have face detection and object tracking modes and the parameters like face id, object box size and coordinates of object box centre etc can be received by arduino pro micro via serial communication
  • The face of the user should already be learned by the husky lens in face detection mode and in object tracking mode three gestures – (1) fingers like holding a marker but not closed, (2) fingers closed like holding a marker, (3) forefinger and middle finger pointing to screen- should be learned.
  • when PC is powered ON, both arduino pro micro and the husky lens gets powered via usb cable.
  • The specialty of arduino pro micro is that it acts as an HID (Human Interface Device) in computers and smartphones. Therefore the arduino mouse library and keyboard library will run on it. So the code uploaded to arduino pro micro is such that it will call the keyboard function to press ‘ENTER’ key and then calls the function to type a default password when the face of user is detected
  • Now when the husky lens is in object tracking mode, the 3 gestures already learned as objects will be tracked and the code is designed to move pointer using mouse functions corresponding to the coordinates of the gestures and the mouse button functions are called based on which gesture is being tracked.
  • Other gestures can also be learned and used
  • Even if this project is intended for PC use, this will also work in smartphones because smartphones today support HID devices.


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