Aim of the Project:

To identify the color code(green / yellow / red ) on the produced item (aluminium alloy wheel) which enable the decision making system ( mostly a PLC / Microcontroller) to transfer the wheels to ACCEPT / HOLD / REJECT conveyors.

Aluminium alloy wheels are produced in huge volumes ( about few thousands a day). Very stringent inspection and quality check standards are followed in wheel production lines. Every wheel undergoes X-Ray inspection and decision taken whether to accept /hold / reject a particular wheel. Every wheel supposed to have a color code / color stamp to identify visually about the acceptability of the wheel.
In Huge volumes of production, COLOR CODING is very much essential to trace back the acceptability of the wheel VISUALLY, without which there is high amount of possibility that a DEFECTIVE WHEEL get mingled up with the ACCEPTED WHEEL BATCH.

Present system in many of the Wheel plants :

After color coding the wheels are to be diverted to different conveyors. In many plants there will be one person visually checking the color code and diverts wheel to respective (ACCEPT / HOLD / REJECT) Conveyors.

Solution using HUSKY Lens board:

Using HUSKY Lens board , the color code on the particular wheel can be sensed. The same information to be transferred to PLC / Master Microcontroller board to divert that particular wheel either to ACCEPT / HOLD / REJECT conveyors.
COLOR CODE GREEN : WHEEL ACCEPTED FOR NEXT PROCESS ( 85-90 % of the produced wheels goes to ACCEPTED WHEELS conveyor.
COLOR CODE YELLOW: WHEEL IS ON HOLD, and can be made accepted with few extra efforts. (5-10% of the produced wheels diverted to HOLD CONVEYOR.
COLOR CODE RED: WHEEL HAS SEVERE INTERNAL DEFECTS AND CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. Such wheels are diverted to REJECT CONVEYOR which feeds all the rejected wheels to MELTING FURNACE. (Up to 5-10% of the total produced wheels may be rejected).

Don’t know about Husky Lens? Have a look

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