Baby monitoring / theft protection and expression sensing system using DFROBOT Huskylens kit.


DF robot Huskylens kit, RASPBERRY PI B3+/ RASPBERRY PI 4, couple of jumper wire, 16 gigabyte SD card, SD card redder, one HDMI supported screen, one HDMI cable, keyboard & mouce.
FOR USING THE ARDUINO UNO / ESP32: DF robot Huskylens kit, Arduino UNO /ESP 32, couple of jumper wire.


In today’s busy world parents are not able to give time to their small kids. And, there are certain cases registered regarding the stalling of babies from the hospitals or from baby-sitting centres.

That is “THE BIGGEST” issue but until now, cause here I am with a unique solution.

This is for those parents, who cannot to stay home for their child regularly and they have to rely on a baby sitter or take a risk of sending them to a playhouse or any equivalent culture.

The HuskyLens KIT is most useful thing you will ever want as a parent. All you have to do is to just install the kit in the room where the child is going stay for long time. The kit will simply be reading the expressions on the baby’s face. The data collected is then uploaded on the webserver by the controller. And to simplify the process, we can use a GSM module which will notify you by call or messages on your personal mobile. For a more detailed report we can also add an E-mail feature that we have to link with the webserver using IFTT protocol after which we can get E-mail notifications as well.

Talking about baby stealing, we can also add another feature in HuskyLens kit. The DF robots HUSKY kit by just installing in the room where the baby is going to be, not only will it give YOU the notification but it also will notify the POLICE as well on sensing any unauthorised access in the room. If installed in a hospital, the kit will simply alert the officials in the hospital as well as the police if any unauthorised face is sensed near the baby when no authorised person is nearby to attend it.

Access to personnel can be done according to the needs.

Don’t know about Husky Lens? Have a look

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