Aim: To develop a foolproof Security/Screening System to prevent and control the spread of Novel Corona Virus COVID-19.

Devices Required: A Internet connection, HUSKY Lens AI Board, Infrared Temperature Sensor, a lock interface with a door, Arduino Board + esp32, proximity sensor, level sensor, speaker, servo motor, alarm/buzzer, and a bottle of Sanitizer.

Working Scenario: The main purpose of this system is to develop an ultra-low-cost Screening System that recognizes and screens people entering the premises. It can be applied to the communities, office buildings, bus station, airport, hotel, school, hospital and other public places with heavy traffic, helping to achieve intelligent security management and disease prevention.

Working Procedure: As the person, arrives on the doorstep/ premises the very First step would be to check the body temperature with a contactless infrared thermometer embedded in the system. As if the temperature is in the normal range the temperature is highlighted in Green Values.

Then the next step would be to recognize the identity of the person, the system will capture the picture of the person in the system and save it for the records. As if the system identifies the person, the system displays the Employee code of the person on the screen.

After this, the system will ask the person to sanitize his/her hands in the sanitizing station kept just aside. As the station will be equipped with sensors as well, it senses the hands of the person and dispenses Sanitizer i.e. driven mechanically via servo motors.

Then the fourth step would be system will display and speak to the person to wear the mask. As the person wears the mask the system scans the image of the person again and recognizes the mask.

Finally Displays a message and Voice commands as well “All Checks Complete You are ready to go inside, Thank you”. The door/passage opens and simultaneously system marks the attendance of the person.

What if all cases are not True?

Temperature: If the Body temperature of the person does not lie in the normal range the Body Temperature would be Highlighted in RED and a buzzer will beep with a voice Command saying “Abnormal Body Temperature You Cannot Enter the Premises” and also captures the photo of the person and sends it to HR/Concerned authority.

Identity not Confirmed: If the system does not recognize a person then the system will display a message along with a voice command “UNKNOWN Person Please go to reception” or vice Versa.

Mask Not Wore: If the person does not wear the mask the system will display a message along with the voice command”Wear a Mask Otherwise not allowed”.

Sanitization Not Done: The system Will repeatedly say the user to sanitize his her hands, cannot skip the step because of sensors. If the level of the sanitizer in the can goes below a certain level, it reports to the authority to fill the bottle via email.

If all checks are complete the system marks the attendance of the employee automatically via a SQL algorithm running in the background.

So, this is an Ultra-low-cost foolproof system from which nobody can escape. Isn’t it.

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