Making your own Smart Shirt

Hello techies!!!!!,

Bringing to you a very interesting project which you’ll love to explore and make. Project title is “Smart Shirt“. Smart thing in this shirt is that you can do some common tasks which you are doing with your smart phones, by just tapping on the cuff of your shirt. You can do the tasks like sharing you contact info, sharing your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook IDs, putting your phone on meeting mode, Playing your phone’s playlist and many more such tasks.

If you want to get clear idea about what a smart shirt is, have a look to my intro video on the same. In this video, I have shown, how smart shirt proves useful for a office going person. You’ll enjoy watching this,

Hope you got the basic Idea about smart shirt. Now lets start with it’s making.

Making of Smart Shirt

Components required to make smart shirt are,

  1. A shirt. (You can use any shirt of yours)
  2. NFC tags( I have researched a lot and found out best tags which have enough memory for all the tasks and also having lowest price. So you can buy the tags which I have used by clicking here)

Let’s first talk about NFC in case you don’t know about this.


NFC stands for Near Field Communication is a technique of communication between two devices wirelessly. Communication includes an NFC reader/writer and NFC tags. In our project, the role of NFC reader and writer is performed by Smart phone and the tags are embedded on the backside of the cuff.

I have gone through one video on NFC which shows everything about NFC, so I would recommend you to watch that out


Ok with this you got all the idea regarding NFC so lets start with making. First of all we will get our NFC tags laminated as to make our shirt water proof. So I too got my tag laminated,


After that we need to move towards the stitching part. Choose your shirt which you want to make smart and whose matching piece of spare cloth is available with you as we will make a pocket like structure which will be stitched behind the cuff. But it’s ok if you don’t have the same one as the extra cloth will be behind your cuff hence it won’t be visible. I chose my yellow chex shirt with its matching piece of cloth.


Rest of the procedure includes stitching and weaving so its better you go through the video in which I have clearly shown the step by step method for making smart shirt.

For the App, I have used the android app called Trigger. You can download that from play store and watch out the video to see how to use that app.




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