Make your own Sonoff using ESP8266

Sonoff is a great device to quickly get started with your home automation.This device can turn any of your home appliance to be controlled from your smart phone from anywhere in the world. So all your devices will be controlled just from an app on your smart phone.But why to go for a buying such product if you can make its replica at home? Read out this article to know how to make your own sonoff.

Components Required:
  1. ESP8266 01 WiFi Module(
  2. 3 to 5V Relay
  3. 220 V AC to 5 V DC power supply(
  4. 3.3V regulator IC
  5. BC547 Transistor
  6. Misc.

For making sonoff, first you need something that can control or switch an AC appliance. For that, one obvious component comes to our mind,a Relay. This is not the only option but this is the easiest option available. After that, in sonoff we need to give access to get connected with our wifi router. Hence to provide this wifi connectivity, I have used this tiny little wifi + microcontroller module ESP8266. Now it’s not easy to use our relay with ESP8266 01 board but not to worry, I have made one video which shows how to control relay with our board. Watch out this video to know what problem you’ll face while controlling relay with esp and how to solve that problem.

Now in sonoff, we can control any appliance from any where in the world via internet. So to provide this feature in our DIY sonoff, I have used Adafruit MQTT service which is easily and freely accessible to anyone.To know what is MQTT protocol and to know how to use this with our ESP8266 board, watch out this video.

So with this process, I successfully made my own sonoff at home.You too can make this simple yet useful project for your home.

Circuit Diagram:


I have uploaded the code for this project on my github account whose link is mentioned below.

Project Tutorial Video



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