ESPSMS(episode 4) Indian Railway’s Inquiry

Hello techies…..

Hope you all be exploring and making some magical stuffs with electronics.This is the fourth episode of our own made personal assistant ESPSMS. If you are a newbie and don’t know what’s going on and what are these episodes, jump to my Intro video of ESPSMS.


Ok, so now jumping towards today’s episode. In this episode,we gonna add such trick to ESPSMS, that no other assistants in the market have right now. Our assistant is now able to respond to our questions asked regarding Indian Railways. Questions may be like,


So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Note:- This tutorial is only and only regarding INDIAN RAILWAYS

Indian Railways API

I was researching for the question from my subscriber regarding API for Indian Railways. And in the end I found one. And at that time, I even written a blog on how to use Indian Railway API website. So If you want, have a look over this informative blog,

Live API for everything you want to know about Indian Railways


This blog will give you all the information about services provided by this website. But if you just want to make your assistant able to reply towards questions of railways, continue to this blog only.

  • So first you need to make an account in this website called Click Here to directly goto signup page.
  • After signing in, you’ll get a mail containing API key for your account and this key will be used as password for you railwayapi account.
  • Keep this API key secret as you got very limited hits per day which you definitely don’t want others to use.
  • After that login to your account and goto this page to see all the available services provided by this website.Here you’ll get APIs for all the services.
    You can even test this APIs by requesting it in your browser. Just attach your API key in the link.


Moving on the code, as you all must be knowing the technique of embedding API in our ESP8266 12e board. It’s really very easy. Still if you are new, let me tell you that, up till now we have found out the API for several Indian Railway information and now we need to make a code through which we can request these APIs and get the response onto the serial monitor of our device.

Our ESPSMS code is update on my GitHub account, so you can definitely download it from their.And if you have any doubt regarding this episode, watch out my video on this episode.

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