Myself Sachin M Soni(SMS), a techie by passion and hence evolved techiesms. I am doing my BE in Electronics & Communication from L.D. College of Engineering located in Gujarat,India but still I prefer Internet to be my university where I learned almost all the stuffs from basic to its best. I am very much keen and enthusiast in the field of electronics and technology. I used to make projects and make their DIY videos so that I can be prove helpful to the community of makers.Aim of making this blog is to share all my work and their relevant data to everyone who is interested in this magical field of Electronics.

Here I am sharing some of my Work,Skills



professionalizing your knowledge

On first year of my college me along with my friends, under guidance of our guruji Aum Somaiya started a Socio-Technical Club called EMergence The Club. I was elected as the President of that club of 25 members.We did a lot technical events like workshops, training sessions like Let Us Learn, Effective 5 etc. as well as social events like Tree Plantation, Blood Donation etc. during our journey. The club also started a electronic projects tutorial video channel on YouTube. You can check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel to know more.

Sept. 2015 to Jan 2016

I have done my first Internship at OIZOM, a company which makes devices for measuring air pollution.I was an R&D Intern here. I have done research on LinkIt One board and multiple Sensors.Its feels really great and interesting learning about new development boards. And LinkIt One is far more than ever expected, the all in one board and the size smaller than other boards.I learned and started working on IOT projects from here only.


Jan. 2016 to Apr. 2016

After 4 months, I went to a home automation based startup named EnerLeaf. I worked on ARM SAMD20 controller. Working at Enerleaf, I learned a most interesting things, decoding and encoding any IR remote Control Protocol. With this,we can record any IR code and even generate and send IR code.I have written a blog on this if you are interested do check that.



May 2016 to June 2016

At the end of 3rd year of my college I went to a company to whom I have always been connected with,
Electronics For You | India’s most popular technical magazine company. I used to share my project videos with this company since long.And once I insisted to work for EFY and they discussed with the team and agreed. I worked at EFY for a month and made some of my best projects there. All the projects are based on the trending topic of this time IOT. You can check EFY’s official YouTube channel for the projects I made.Just check out the videos uploaded between May 2016 to June 2016. Even I completed my Internship, I still used to share my project videos with this company.


which HIGHLIGHTS you!!!

I am good at electronics and best at projects making.I used to learn new stuffs in this fields that may be a new sensor, module, board etc and make some projects that attract others to learn that same board, sensor or anything I have used to make that project.I may not be good at project presenting but trust me, I am good at exploring and making some fresh stuff.

Till now I have worked on boards like Arduino, ESP 12E, Raspberry Pi, LinkIt One, Atmel SAM D20 Xplained Pro. These may be only few boards, but the projects are not. I am very much interested in making the project based on my idea or from internet. And whatever I need for making that project, I just simply buy that and learn that stuff. And mostly Arduino and Raspberry Pi are enough for all you need to make.

As I need to make videos of my DIY projects, I learned video editing, in Adobe After Effects and Cyberlink Power Director. Some of the projects don’t require any detailed description while some requires. So I also started Blogging in which I used to write detailed description and working of that project and sometime I just write the blog to share some innovation, basic but useful knowledge of this field etc.

I am good at teaching and public speaking. I took a workshop on 555 IC during first year of my college. There were around 35 registrations during that workshop. I did many technical teaching sessions every week for our club.

This was a bit about myself. If their is anything for which I can be helpful to you, do let me know.You can contact me anywhere. Links of all the contacts are on top right corner of website.Till then explore | learn | share with me #techiesms